About Model Drivers

Model Drivers works to accelerate digitisation of the finance sector. We build Digital Twins that help organisations solve complex problems. Digital Twins are virtual representations of physical things, from factories to banks. While the concept originated in the manufacturing industry they are a natural outcome of any firm serious about digitisation.
What distinguishes a digital twin from any other digital model is its connection to the physical twin.” Centre for Digital Built Britain

Solving complex problems using Digital Twins

We have built digital twins to solve problems such as:
  • Speeding the resolution of network outages: Improving root cause analysis of incidents for a large Tier 1 Bank through the creation of a digital twin of their IT estate, from application flows and versions down to the infrastructure they sit on, all in one single model. Contact us for a case study demonstration.
  • Testing of complex systems: Working with a large Central Bank we provided testing tools and data to verify data collections systems. We solved a decade-long problem of creating valid data sets for the XBRL reporting standard in Financial Services which exercise over 8000 validation rules. Contact us for a case study demonstration.
  • User friendly front ends for highly complex domains: For a leading Financial Services Regulator we ingested and made congruent 1000’s of pages of their regulatory handbook, their data dictionary and regulatory reports. We gave users much more flexible, simple and powerful ways to search and analyse the regulations. Contact us for a case study demonstration.
  • Unlocking Regulatory Reporting:  We teamed with a regulatory reporting provider to win an industry hackathon. We demonstrated how you could transform Regulatory Reporting through the use of Domain Specific Languages to make a single congruent model connecting the Regulators Handbook with Bank’s databases via regulatory reporting engines This spurned an industry initiative, Digital Regulatory Reporting. Contact us for a case study demonstration.

Our technology for simplifying the building of digital twins

We utilise a range of technologies in helping our clients solve complex problems and building Digital Twins. Some of the ways in which we differentiate ourselves is the use of innovative semantic data point modelling, meta modelling and Domain Specific Languages.   These allow us to quickly build a congruent view across any number of business domains, unlock hidden insight from your data and provide our clients with a Digital Twin connected to your physical world. Whilst Digital Twins can be applied to any industry, our current research and development focus is in using these technologies to drive simplicity into finance industry firms.


Greg Soulsby: Greg specialises in data and enterprise architectures and systems for the finance industry. His focus is on delivering innovative data solutions for clients through best practice design and tooling.  Simon Roberts: Simon is a financial markets specialist with extensive experience and understanding of capital markets and financial derivatives. Simon was most recently Head of Commodities, Europe & America for ANZ Bank. Mark Shead: Mark’s background is in the delivery of complex technical projects and programmes predominantly in the Financial Services and RegTech industry.  Most recently Mark was Managing Director of Regnology, an industry leader in innovative Regulatory Reporting solutions.

Working with us

We are a small friendly organisation with big ideas. We value the clients that we choose to work with and take pride in the complex problems we help solve. We are agile, we act quickly and are outcome focused. 

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